Templates to Help Get You Started


We welcome and encourage your use of our template information to complement your grant applications. Please note, however, that Departments of Education generally discourage the verbatim use of template material in proposal narratives.

When writing your grant application, you may want to consider the following steps:

  • Request a copy of the application from your State's Department of Education or other funding source
  • Read the complete application packet
  • Print and review the information about Fast ForWord products provided for you on this website
  • Create a project outline following the application guidelines
  • Begin writing the proposal narrative
  • Ask us for suggestions!

Contact our Grants Department at least two weeks in advance of your grant deadline to have your final draft reviewed and edited. Note: To ensure availability of resources, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


Letter of Commitment


If the grant you are applying for requires a letter of commitment, Scientific Learning will provide one for your school. To take advantage of this service, please contact us as soon as possible, but no less than one week in advance of when you will need it.

Good luck!


Generic Grant Template


This Generic Grant Template has general information about Scientific Learning, the Fast ForWord products, and Scientific Learning Reading Assistant software. This, combined with other information found on the website, can help you put together a grant application.


Generic Template