A Smarter Evidence-Based Language and Reading Intervention Program for Your Most Struggling Learners

Fast ForWord Product Pictures


Our Fast ForWord language and reading intervention program is now smarter and more powerful than ever before! We've added a number of new features and technical capabilities to deliver an easier, more seamless experience for both teachers and students. If you're looking for a program that will finally make a significant impact with your most struggling students, there's never been a better time to explore Fast ForWord!


Personalized Intervention Right When Learners Need It


Fast ForWord is now powered by innovative SmartLearning Technology that knows when a student is struggling and provides immediate intervention to get students back on task and making significant learning gains.


Fast ForWord Product Pictures

Fast ForWord Product Pictures

Real-Time Guided Reading Support for Every Learner


For K-12 users, Fast ForWord now comes equipped Reading Assistant Plus guided reading software. Reading Assistant Plus uses patented speech verification technology to listen to students reading developmentally appropriate texts in real time and provide corrective support each time a student struggles with or mispronounces a word.


More Independent and Motivated Learners


Fast ForWord now includes improved exercise introductions, new exercise animations, and new progress views, empowering students to get up and running with less teacher support and stay motivated by their own success.


Fast ForWord Product Pictures

Fast ForWord Product Pictures

Faster Exercise Progressions and Learning Gains


With the support of SmartLearning Technology and new exercise enhancements, students are now able to make faster language and reading progress with less support required from the educator. Meaning teachers have more time to do what they do best — teach!



New Fast ForWord Language and Reading Intervention BEFORE NEW!
58 adaptive exercises that target memory, attention, processing, and sequencing skills
Intensive practice in a wide range of phonics, phonemic awareness, grammar, vocabulary, morphology and reading comprehension skills
Built-in pre- and post- assessment: Reading Progress Indicator (RPI)
Comprehensive access to 300+ online guided reading passages, grades 1–12  
175+ lesson plans that align to classroom instruction  
Enhanced student motivators: “streaks,” new student-facing reports, progress markers, etc.  
Built-in interventions and direction instruction  


Want to Learn More About the New Fast ForWord?


If you're interested in learning more about how the new Fast ForWord helps the hardest to reach learners improve their language and reading skills, let us know. We’re happy to send you more information or pricing information.