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Are you looking for a new intervention for your English Language Learners?  This page pulls together many of the resources that we have geared towards ELLs. You'll find results and case studies, blog posts, and webinars that will give you a more comprehensive understanding of how Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus can help you improve learning for these students.



English Language Learner Results


Fast ForWord has been extensively researched over the past 20 years. Read about our results through research documents, case studies and educator briefs about how Fast ForWord has made a difference for ELLs:

Early intervention helps students improve on state assessments, exit LEP status in Amelia, LA
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79% of ELLs improve one or more proficiency levels on the AZELLA in Deer Valley, AZ
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Fast ForWord helps students classified as LEP, Special Education, General Education in Worcester, MA
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22% more students reach Texas reading standard with Reading Assistant Plus in Grand Pairie, TX
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Four year longitudinal study shows achievement gap decreased by 25% in Dallas, TX
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Korematsu Discovery Academy makes double-digit gains on CSTs and exits program improvement in Oakland, CA
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Webinars for English Language Learners


Build the ELL Brain
Presenter: Martha S. Burns, Ph.D.
Length: 45 minutes

Despite educators’ best efforts to teach students English as quickly as possible, many never develop academic English fluency. Join Dr. Martha Burns as she reviews the newest research on the ELL brain, the advantages of true bilingualism, and how effective technological adjuncts can build the English brain, quickly, moving ELL students to proficiency.

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How the ELL Brain Learns
Presenter: David Sousa, Ed.D.
Length: 60 minutes

What does the latest research reveal about the ELL brain? In this session, Dr. Sousa will provide an overview of how the young brain acquires the first language, and then look at how trying to learn a second language affects brain development. We will discuss the challenges that ELL students face when learning both conversational and academic language simultaneously and explore ways to help them. Finally, we will debunk some misconceptions about ELLs and English language acquisition. There will be some surprises!

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ELL Blog Posts


You can browse all of our English Language Learner category blog posts by clicking here, or review the descriptions below and click 'read now' on posts you're interested in.

13 Questions About The Build English Fast Solution
Author: Carrie Gajowski, MA

Do you have an increasing number of English language learners (ELL) in your class, school or district? During our recent webinar, "Build the ELL Brain", Dr. Martha Burns discusses how the ELL brain develops and what interventions can help with English language development.  Take a look at the questions that Dr. Burns fielded at the end of the webinar and see if you can pinpoint students that you can help this year!

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Assessing ELLs for Special Education: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid
Author: Hallie Smith, MA CCC-SLP

When educating English language learners who are struggling, how do you know when it’s time for a special education referral? How can you be sure you are assessing ELLs fairly, not mixing up linguistic and cultural diversity with cognitive ability and intellectual functioning?

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5 Things You Might Not Know About ELLs
Author: Norene Wiesen

It’s no secret that the number of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the United States is booming. By 2025, nearly one out of every four public school students is expected to be an English learner. What do you know about this skyrocketing student population?

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Top 10 Tips for Working With ELL Students
Author: Hallie Smith, MA CCC-SLP

How can you help your ELL students participate more fully in the classroom so they can achieve to the best of their ability? Try these 10 tips for supporting English learners in improving their language skills and subject knowledge.

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How a Low Performing School Achieved Double-Digit Gains
Author: Scott Sterling

Dr. Martha Burns from Scientific Learning and Mr. Charles Wilson, Principal of Korematsu Discovery Academy, presented a live webinar that discussed how Korematsu achieved a double-digit test-score gain and emerged from PI status in only two school years.

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Researched at Top Universities


  • Fast ForWord is the top-rated intervention for English language development on What Works Clearinghouse
  • It is also the only reading intervention that has been substantiated by research at Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, etc.
  • Students can make up to 2 years’ gain in 3 months in reading and language skills



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Fast ForWord Testimonial


Watch as Bruce, a high school student from Dallas ISD, talks about how Fast ForWord helped him.