Individual Learner Success Stories

Student Success


At-Risk Students


From 2nd Grade Reading Level to LSU Scholarship

High school student Kenny Hilliard just wanted to play football. His coach knew his dreams wouldn’t... read more


Struggling Reader Gains Two Grade Levels

Michelle Bowles first noticed her daughter, Josie, struggled with reading in first grade. Josie’s... read more


From Acting Out to Acting Proud

Many children with learning disabilities have problems that extend beyond poor reading and math... read more


General Education


Improving retention, comprehension, and grades

As a freshman at Anson County Early College High School (ACECHS), Ray King studied hard and earned good... read more


Learning to Focus and Finish

Susan Savage has a lot of energy. A dedicated mother and teacher, her day begins at 6:30 am in... read more


From Struggling to Advanced on State Tests

As the son of an elementary school principal and a registered nurse, Garrett had the benefit of a strong... read more


Special Education


10th Grade Reading Breakthrough

Twenty-year-old Willie Brown still remembers his 10th grade Fast ForWord®... read more


Dismissed from Special Ed

As a little boy, Matthew was curious and athletic. He liked to play soccer, swim, and stump adults with... read more


Discipline and dedication changes a life

Jason and I struggled together through his elementary and middle school years. He struggled academically and... read more


50 Percentile Point Gain on STAR

Starting with kindergarten, Sharon knew her daughter Catherine was more than dyslexic. "She had... read more


Unlocking the Brain

Chris did not speak for the first three years of his life. After extensive testing, he... read more


No more Special Ed classes needed

“When my daughter Alexa was 3 years old she suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall, but was... read more


Learning to Talk at 20

From birth, David Bueche had a rare auditory processing disorder that left him unable to... read more


Making Honor Roll

When D.J. Gold began using Fast ForWord in the third grade, the prospect of becoming a solid... read more